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8 Reasons To Move To Melbourne -

8 Reasons To Move To Melbourne

8 Reasons To Move To Melbourne

Ever thought of living where the beach meets culture? Melbourne is the place to be with a series of excellent beaches, a mix of theatres, magnificent art galleries, fine 19th century buildings and great back street cafes and restaurants. Melbourne is renowned for its excellent coffee, boasts itself as the world’s sporting capital, all under long hot summers and perfect autumns. Melbourne is regularly voted the world’s most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit, with great access to education, health facilities, transportation as well as high personal safety. Here is my list of great attractions and why I moved to live in Melbourne:

  1. Beaches
    Relax and enjoy the warmth of summer days at any one of the 14 beaches along Melbourne’s suburbs, or at world class beaches such as Torquay and Bell’s surfing beach an hour and a half’s drive away located on the great southern ocean.
  2. Cafes
    Melbourne’s lifeline is the cafe, serving superb coffee and gorgeous fare in small suburban streets or quaint lanes of the CBD, cosy in winter and al fresco in summer.
  3. Art Galleries
    The National Gallery of Victoria, just walking distance from the main business district, is Australia’s largest and oldest museum and holds art of great beauty and history, covering 16th century paintings through to modern contemporary pieces, while regularly hosting great exhibitions from around the world. Other art galleries include the Ian Potter Centre, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and numerous smaller galleries throughout the city centre.
  4. Museums
    Melbourne abounds with various museums, including the southern hemisphere’s largest museum, the Melbourne Museum. These museums are exciting and varied, covering natural history, art, science, sport, religion, war and culture. Some of the larger museums include the Melbourne Maritime Museum, Immigration Museum, National Aviation Museum, National Sports Museum, Science Works(great for children), Old Treasury Building(Melbourne history) and a number of religious museums.
  5. Sport
    Three world class sporting events are held every year in Melbourne, making Melbourne arguably the sporting capital of the world, hosting the Australia Open, one of the four tennis grand slam locations, Formula One car racing and the Flemington Melbourne Cup horse race. Great national sports are held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, known as the MCG, regularly holding up to 100,000 roaring spectators watching cricket matches and the Australian Football Rules grand final. But if you are a fan of soccer(football), rugby, basketball or golf, all have a great presence in Melbourne, all with world class venues. During winter, skiing is available at several excellent ski resorts all within a few hours drive of Melbourne.
  6. Restaurants
    During lunch or early evening, Melbourne city centre is alive with diners seeking the best restaurants on small quaint back streets. The smaller the back street the more authentic the food. Much of the fun is exploring the city centre, always being surprised at the hidden locations that can be found, each place unique, but always great. Other popular food precincts include China Town on Little Bourke street, Lygon Street (great Italian dining), Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, and a large number of other inner city sidewalk restaurant locations.
  7. Trams
    Moving around inner Melbourne is easy, just jump on a tram. The world’s largest tram network is picturesque and practical; it is an icon of Melbourne, delivering quick and pollution free transportation in a grid across the city centre. Moving around the city centre is a pleasure and is far easier than any other city in Australia.
  8. Architecture
    The Melbourne central business district is a concentration of great 19th and 20th century architecture, funded by the great Victorian gold rush of the mid-19th century. Magnificent examples of Victorian, Venetian Gothic, Gothic and neo-Gothic architecture exist across the city, which has lead to Melbourne being stated as the most European styled city in Australia. Modern stylish skyscrapers complement the earlier architecture to make Melbourne a brilliant blend of the old and the new.


Do you live in Melbourne?  Would you add anything else to the above list of reasons to live in Melbourne?  Drop us a line or leave a comment below and let us know.

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