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Australian Resume -

Australian Resume

    Australian Resume

    A resume is the first contact you will have with employers and it is essential to create a good impression.   To create an awesome Australian resume that will stand out and give an excellent first impression we’ll take a look at the steps involved.


    Format of a Winning Australian Resume

    • Length of CV should be 2 pages ideally, no more than 3
    • A skills matrix at the top of the first page reflecting your experience and achievements that is relevant to the particular job you are applying for

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    • Tailor your CV for the job you are applying for by listing the important and matching points or skills first
    • Write a short objective summary of who you are. Be careful not to fill it with the usual sentences like ‘Natural leader’, “team player”
    • The interviewer will question you on your CV so know it and don’t lie in it
    • Match the job description requirements, in your CV. Demonstrate through your jobs, that you have experience in the skills they are looking for.
    • If you are studying currently make sure to mention this and write down the expected year for the qualification.
    • As well as stating the post that you held and the responsibilities that you carried out, illustrate how you added value to an organisation by writing about the achievements you have accomplished

    Sell yourself

    • Presentation of your CV is very important, it needs to be visually pleasing, printed and use a clear simple layout
    • Ensure your positive features and skills stand out
    • Write about your qualities and skills in the present tense


    The Dos and Don’t Checklist

    Ensure that:

    • You list your professional and higher education qualifications along with your school results
    • You lList any recent relevant training
    • You list any foreign language skills that you have (be honest)
    • You write a note of any publications / thesis you have done

    It is best not to:

    • List irrelevant training courses
    • Put down your date of birth, religion, nationality, race, political views, marital status, or mention your kids
    • Mention your current salary
    • Mention risky hobbies such as sky diving

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