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Checklist For Moving To Australia -

Checklist For Moving To Australia

    Checklist for moving to AustraliaCheck out our checklist for Moving to Australia. It will help you organise items that you need to take with you. We have three helpful lists below for you, comprising of what you will need, what original documents to bring with you, and also what to bring if you have kids.

    Checklist before moving to Australia


    Bring the original copy of the following documents

    • Full birth certificate
    • All marriage certs
    • All qualifications
    • Job and employment references for the past 10 years
    • Proof of no claims bonus for insurance
    • Your will
    • If you have any companies that will still run when you have migrated, bring all details and records of these
    • Receipts of all accounts paid for
    • Letter from bank to verify your credit record
    • Most up to date version of a resume

    If you have children you will need the following:

    • School records
    • Immunisation certificates
    • Academic records

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