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Looking For Jobs -

Looking For Jobs

    Finding Work

    Australia’s number one Jobs Site – Seek.com.au

    Australia’s most popular job site is Seek.com.au for when you are looking for jobs.  When applying for a job on the site the competition can be very high.  Seek often get 250+ applicants for each job they have advertised. It is a good idea to set up a profile on the Seek site.  Employers can browse through your skills and follow up with you.

    When setting up a profile:

    • ensure that privacy is set to standard, so that employers can find you
    • Keep your skills up to date
    • create a few different resumes


    Apply for jobs directly

    Applydirect.com.au cuts out the middle man.  When applying for a job on this site you are contacting the employer directly instead of through an external site.



    LinkedIn is a great resource for displaying suitable jobs for you.  Employers often search LinkedIn for potential employees.  It is important to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date with any new skills that you have adopted. There are many sites which will give you tips on how to improve and impress with your LinkedIn profile.  Here are a few to check out:

    It can be difficult when you start looking for work if you do not have Australian experience. Australian companies can be slow to take on new employees without previous Australian work experience. A good way to get a job is by networking. Read our article on networking for more tips.

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