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Mobile Phone -

Mobile Phone

    Mobile PhoneIf you plan on bringing your current mobile phone with you when you move to Australia make sure to get it unlocked before you leave.

    There are a number of network carriers to choose from in Australia.  Some of the main ones include:

    It is nearly impossible to get a signal in much of rural Australia.  Telstra is your best bet as it has the best coverage in the country.  You can check out maps of the different areas that the different providers cover.  All of the cities have good coverage.

    Prepaid SIM Card Plan

    If you are on a temporary visa such as a holiday visa or a working holiday visa (subclass 417) you will only be able to get a prepaid plan.
    To get an Australian SIM card you will need two things:

    1. A physical address.  You will be asked to bring in a bill or some form of evidence to prove the address.
    2. Your passport.

    There are so many different prepaid plans to choose from, it is worth your while doing your research before you jump in and choose one.  The link below is to a site that compares a number of prepaid plans.  Prepaid plans comparisons.

    Contract SIM Card Plan

    To get a contract SIM plan you will need to prove that you are not on a temporary holiday visa, usually by showing your visa documents.  You need to provide your passport, driver’s license, bills with your address on it and a number of other documents.  Here is a link to a site that compares contract SIM plans – you will need your own phone.  Contract SIM plans comparisons.

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