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The Myki Card - How to Travel in Melbourne | Moving2Oz.net

The Myki Card – Melbournes Travel Card

    The Myki Card is Melbournes travel card.  It allows you to travel by trams, trains and buses by tapping the card on a Myki machine.

    The Myki card

    The Myki CardMyki has four categories.

    1. Myki money
    2. Myki pass
    3. Free Myki
    4. Myki for visitors

    Myki MoneyThe Myki Card


    If you are entitled to concessions or free travel, these concessions will automatically be applied to your card as you touch on and off. These can include:

    • Early bird free travel (touching on and off a train before 7.15am)
    • Seniors free weekend travel
    • On weekends and public holidays users pay a flat rate of $3.30 for the entire day for travel in zones 1 and 2

    Lowest Fare Charged

    When you get to a Myki machine and put money on your card, once you have touched on and off, Myki always charges you the lowest fare for your journey. With Myki money you can travel in any zone, including metropolitan and regional, at any time.

    Topping up

    Myki allows you to set up an auto top up service which automatically tops up your Myki money once its balance is below a certain amount. You can connect your Myki directly with your bank account.

    Myki Pass

    To be able to use a Myki Pass make sure your Myki has a positive money balance. You can top your money balance on your card by as little as $1.

    Myki pass is ideal for anybody who travels a lot. If you use the train/tram/bus daily going to work, then the Myki pass is for you. When topping up your Myki choose the zones you wish to travel to and the amount of days you wish to top up for. You have a choice of 1 to 365 days. The more days you choose the more of a concession you get. The first time you tap on, your Myki pass will be activated and it will not expire until the amount of days you have paid for, are up. You can travel as many times as you want within your choosen zones until your amount of chosen days have elapsed. If you venture outside the particular zones that you have paid for, your card will start using Myki money to pay for the other zones. When you top up, you have 12 months to activate your Myki pass, from the date you bought it.

    Myki for visitors

    Visitors to Melbourne can now buy a Myki Visitor Value pack. In the pack you get:

    • A full fare (cost $14), concession child or seniors Myki card which is preloaded with one days money worth, in zones 1 and 2
    • Discount offers at 15 of Melbournes tourist attractions saving you over $100. These include:
      • Eureka skydeck
      • Puffing billy
      • National Sports Museum
      • Melbourne Aquarium

    Free tram Zone

    In 2015 Melbourne introduced the free tram zone in the CBD. There is no need to tap on and off if you are travelling within this zone. Here is a map of the free zone.

    free tram zone

    Where can I buy a Myki card?

    You can pick up a Myki card at any of the following locations:

    • 7-Eleven stores and selected retailers where you see the Myki card sign
    • the ticket office window at Premium Stations
    • online
    • by calling 1800 800 007 6am – midnight daily
    • from a Myki card machine (full fare Myki card only) at all metropolitan train stations and V/Line commuter service train stations and selected accessible tram stops and bus interchanges
    • PTV Hub (full fare Myki card only)
    • onboard buses


    How much is it?

    A full fare Myki card (the actual card itself) costs $6 and all concession Myki cards (includes concession, seniors and child Myki card) cost $3.

    Once you buy your Myki card you will need to top it up and put credit on it.  You can do this at all the above mentioned places.  You can also topup online automatically when your credit is diminishing.

    Tip* I use my Myki card every day travelling to and from work.  I top up with a full fare 7 day pass for $37.60 a week for zone 1+2.  You can select this option at the Myki top up machines.  This allows me to travel as many times as I like within zone 1+2 for those 7 days.  It works out cheaper overall for me.  To check out the different Myki options go to the Myki fair site.

    Here is a map of the Melbourne train line in zone 1 and  2.  Zone 1 is represented in yellow.  Zone 2 is represented in blue.  All trams are in zone 1 except for the 109 tram route which goes into zone 2.  The government are planning on changing this soon so that all trams are within zone 1.

    Zone 1 & Zone 2 Melbourne train transport

    Zone 1 & Zone 2 Melbourne train transport


    Journey Planner

    If you live in one part of the city and are working in another part and need to find the quickest route by public transport, Public Transport Victoria (PTV) provide an excellent site for finding your quickest way there.  Check out Journey planner.

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