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Networking -



    Networking is a very important aspect of looking for a job, and can be a great way of meeting people from your industry and forging relationships in business.

    To become part of a group or community that involves your work check out the meetup.com site.

    No matter what industry you are in you will find a meetup group which will help you build contacts and network and may even help you find a job.  Networking is so important in Australia.  You might have an awesome CV but without Australian experience employers can be reluctant to take you on.  Networking can get your foot in the door.



    Here are a few meetup groups in Melbourne from the meetup.com site.

    Look for your own interest / networking group on meetup.com.


    Here are a few meetup groups in Sydney from the meetup.com site.


    Here are a few meetup groups in Perth from the meetup.com site.


    Here are a few meetup groups in Brisbane from the meetup.com site.


    Here are a few meetup groups in Brisbane from the meetup.com site.


    Here are a few meetup groups in Darwin from the meetup.com site.


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