Renting in Australia

Viewing Properties

Renting in Australia

If you plan on renting in Australia estate agents set specific times to view a house or apartment. It is usually a 15 to 20 minute viewing session. Anyone who is interested in viewing the place should be there on time. You can get an application form from the estate agent at the viewing if you are interested in the place. It also gives you an idea of how much competition there will be for the place, by the amount of people that have turned up, that are also getting applications.

100 Points of ID

If you are interested you fill in the application and send it back to the estate agent with all of the supporting documentation. Usually they will ask for most of the following items.

100 points of ID – which includes:

  • passport (70 points)
  • drivers license (40 points for Australian license)
  • medicare card (25 points)
  • bill in your name (25 points)
  • evidence of income
  • work reference
  • references from previous landlords

Renting in AustraliaDress to impress

The agent makes a shortlist of applicants to put forward to the landlord to choose from. A good tip is to download a copy of the agents application form from the website, or if this is not available ring the estate agent in advance and ask for a form. Have the form filled out, so if you are interested in the place you can hand over all of your documents there and then to the agent and be first on the list. Remember to dress smart when viewing, as it is important that the agent likes you. If they do not like you they might strike you from the list of applicants.

Places are rarely furnished!

Most rented accommodation is not furnished and it is up to you to get your own furniture. Luckily we have an article just for you on getting cheap, second hand and free furniture.

Where to look for rental properties

There are lots of different sites advertising rental properties. Here are two of the most popular in Australia:

If you would like to rent a room in a house with others check out

The “Bond” – or deposit

A deposit is called a ‘bond’ in Australia. When renting a property you are asked to pay a bond which is usually the equivalent of one months rent. In most cases each tenant is asked to sign the bond application form and it is held by a separate company. Lets look at a quick example:

If you move in with three people and 6 months later decide to move out, get in contact with the bond company and ask for your name to be removed from the bond form and replaced with someone else and you will receive your portion of the bond back once an inspection has been carried out on your room and the property.

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