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Setup A Bank Account Before Arriving In Oz -

Setup A Bank Account Before Arriving In Oz

    Commonwealth Bank

    Open a bank account before arriving in AustraliaCommonwealth bank Australia provide a great service for people that haven’t yet left their own country and want to setup a bank account before arriving in Oz.  As long as you intend to move to Australia within 4 weeks of applying for the account, Commonwealth bank can help you, whether you are migrating for work, study or for a holiday.

    How to Apply

    You can apply for Commonwealths banking services online by filling out an online Australian Bank Account application form.   The account will usually be opened within 2 business days of the application being sent.  If you opt for email communication instead of postal, your application may be processed even quicker.

    Account Security

    Commonwealth automatically put a stop on your account for security, allowing you to make deposits but not withdrawals. You can remove the stop on your account once you arrive in Australia and visit your bank in person showing them two forms of identification, such as passport and drivers license.

    You are asked to make a deposit into the account within four weeks from the date of the account opening.  If no money is lodged into the account within four weeks the account is automatically closed.

    Fee free Account

    The Commonwealth account you setup will usually waive any account fees for the first 12 months and after 12 months if you are depositing $2,000 or more per month (e.g. salary) then this fee will continue to be waived.

    Visit Commonwealth Bank online application form to find out more about setting up an account with them before you arrive in Australia.

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