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Shipping To Australia -

Shipping To Australia

    Depending on how much stuff you have, you can consider shipping to Australia by air freight or sea freight. All with different price tags attached. If you do ship items to Australia it is good to be aware of customs and quarantine guidelines. Lets take a look at shipping to Australia customs information which will show you what you can and can’t bring.

    Customs Information – What you can and can’t bring

    Shipping to AustraliaAll of the below can be shipped to Australia free of customs duties or taxes providing they have been owned and used for twelve months prior to their departure for Australia.

    • Goods that are used
    • Household goods
    • Unaccompanied baggage shipments

    Any items that do not fall in the above category will be subject to duty and taxes. The duty rates vary depending on the nature of what you are shipping. Customs will usually ask for receipts or invoices to verify these values.
    Restricted items much be declared : e.g. drugs
    Weapons are subject to safety checks on arrival. Owners will also need licenses.
    To clear your goods through Australian customs you will need to complete an Unaccompanied Effects Statement (customs form B534) and provide a photocopy of all stamped pages of your passport.

    Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services (AQIS)

    Australia is free of many of the diseases and pests from around the world. To ensure it stays free, people are asked to declare on their Unaccompanied Effects Statement (B534) to AQIS specific items in their shipments.

    AQIS will inspect the goods, treat relevant goods that may contain pests or diseases, or destroy items that are not allowed. The following items are commonly quarantined:

    Wooden items Food Soil or garden tools
    Lawn mower Bicycles Vacuum cleaner
    Carpets Christmas decorations Dried flowers
    Seeds Straws Skins
    Feathers Equipment used with animals Toys containing cotton waste
    Sand Straw or water


    Who to Ship With?

    There are loads of companies out there that ship to Australia. To find the cheapest get a quote from a few different places. Here are a list of a few to check out:

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