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To Melbourne, With Love -

To Melbourne, With Love

    My Melbourne

    There is nothing I didn’t love about my time living in Melbourne, even the fact the I was living back with my gorgeous parents didn’t faze me, in fact it was nice to have the three of us back together again under one roof enjoying each other’s company and being a part of each other’s lives. I wasn’t scared when my folks suggested I make the jump across the ditch from little ole New Zealand to Aussie, I’d just come off a massive OE around the UK and Europe and wasn’t feeling settled back into my old life, I still had some pretty damn itchy feet. So it was with a smile, a container full of crap and a furry little critter that I waved goodbye to my old stagnant life and rushed head first into the bright promise that was Melbourne, and she did not disappoint.

    From the moment I stepped off the plane, after numerous hugs from said parents, I knew I was going to love Melbourne. There was a sense of peace and excitement in the air as soon as my bags were in the boot and I could not wait to start my new journey. I first met Lady Melbourne when we drove across the Bolte Bridge on the way to my new home, the sky was an azure blue, the sun was shining and she sparkled like a million diamonds. Do I sound a bit obsessed? I was!!

    Like I was saying, I loved Melbourne, the public transport, mainly the trams for me were a new shiny toy for me to play with, and the virtual waiting times between trams made me giddy, no more waiting 30 – 40 mins to get to and from home for me. And the food, I can honestly say, hand on my heart, that I have never eaten a bad meal during my time in Melbourne, from the heavenly caramelised pork belly at Red Spice Road to the always on point mouth-watering steak at the Meat & Wine Co I was in foodie heaven.

    Melbourne is not the quietest town, there is always something going on, some form of entertainment to dazzle yourself with wherever your feet may take you, and a lot of great gems can be found in and around Melbourne’s laneways. There are even specific tours that you can do around the laneways so you know where the good spots are, but I found it is best to put your walking shoes on and discover them all for yourself. It isn’t the obvious things about Melbourne that make her amazing, it is the little places you find for yourself, the places that even though you are surrounded by a million people it feels quiet and relaxing, for me that was South Melbourne Markets. There was something free and romantic about taking your trolley to the market on a Saturday morning and picking out your weekly fare from the truly amazing fresh produce available, as well as perusing the deli’s and sampling selections of cheeses, tarts and chocolate. Not to mention the little market shops that housed fashion and home wares as well as other trendy finds, the South Melbourne Markets for me truly was a magical place and was something special I was able to do with my dad.

    The people of Melbourne also help to make up the character that she essentially is, cool and chic with a bit of cheek are how I would describe said Melbournites, or are they calling themselves Melbournians now…. New Cities can often be daunting, especially if you do not know anyone living there, which is why I feel blessed to have made some new amazing friends and had met some pretty awesome people during my time in Melbourne. As an only child I never felt lonely being alone, I was always able to, and still am able to entertain myself and be in my own company, but having some friends you can turn to and explore the big city with was also a big help. Not saying it’s going to be easy, but you’ll find once you make one, the rest will follow, and they truly are a lovely bunch to try and get to know.

    I credit Melbourne with a lot of the amazing things I have seen and experienced in my life so far, from the new foods and cuisines I have tried, to the confirmation and joy from finding a career path I am truly passionate about. But most of all I am grateful to Melbourne for giving me a canvas to be confident on and grow in, a place where I was able to discover her and me all at the same time, and lastly for giving me and my parents such a beautiful, warm home to be a family in. So dear reader I wish you the best in your travels and luck with your decisions and hope Melbourne bestows upon you all the glory, the lessons and the love that I had received and found. Until we can meet again Melbourne….


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