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Transfer Money Internationally with Currency Fair - Moving2Oz.net

Transfer Money Internationally with Currency Fair

    CurrencyFair - Transfer Money Internationally

    Get more bang for your buck with CurrencyFair!

    To transfer money internationally check out CurrencyFair.  Transferring money from Australia to Ireland with a bank in Australia will cost you $22 dollars per transaction.  Transfer Money Internationally with Currency Fair will cost you $3 dollars for normal transfers and $7 for a faster transfer.

    Banks give their customers an average exchange rate.  CurrencyFair offers its customers far more competitive rates.

    How it works in 5 easy steps

    Step 1 –  Sign up 

    Sign up for an account here:

    You will need to add two bank account details to your account.  One account to transfer money in from and one to transfer money out to.  For this you may need IBAN details and SWIFT codes.

    Step 2 –  Login

    Once you have signed up for an account login to your personal CurrencyFair account.

    Step 3 –  Deposit funds in

    Click on the ‘Deposit funds in’ option in CurrencyFair and follow the instructions.  CurrencyFair will display a page with all the details you will need to transfer money from your own bank account into the CurrencyFair account.  CurrencyFair will give you the reference number to place in your transfer details.

    It can take up to 2 days for your money to clear and appear in your currencyFair account.  You will receive an email telling you when your money is in your CurrencyFair account.

    Step 4 –  Exchange

    To exchange your money click on the ‘Exchange’ link at the top of the screen and choose from ‘Quicktrade’  or ‘Marketplace’.  

    • Quicktrade  –  A competitive exchange rate to beat all of the banks.  You can select your rate immediately and set the currency you wish to transfer your money to.
    • Marketplace  –  An option to place your money on the marketplace with a particular exchange rate that you have chosen, which is usually higher than normal and wait for another user to accept this rate and exchange with you.  This method may take longer as you wait for another customer to accept your rate but will get you more for your money.

    Once you have selected an option you will be asked to choose the currency you want to convert your money to.  This will happen instantly.

    Step 5 –  Transfer money out

    Once you have converted your money to the particular currency you would like, you can transfer your money out by clicking on the transfer money out link.

    A screen will appear listing all of the bank accounts you have given details on, and you will be asked to select the one where you want the money to go to.  The money takes around 2 days to transfer to the new account.

    *Disclaimer: While all efforts are made to ensure information is factual, the Moving2Oz team recommend checking the CurrencyFair website as it is constantly changing and updating and it would be worth your while looking at it to verify information.

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