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Travel In Australia -

Travel In Australia

    Travelling Around Australia

    To travel in Australia there are plenty of different modes of transport to choose from. We will take a look at: hitching a lift, campervans, bus, planes, cars and trains.

    For tips about traveling in Melbourne read this article.

    Hitch a lift

    There are a number of carpooling websites that you can use. You can advertise on these sites either as the driver, or as a passenger looking for a lift in a car. On the site CoSeats.com for example, a guy looking for a lift, puts in his starting point and destination and puts a figure up of how much he is willing to pay to get from A to B.

    “John is offering $31 for a lift from Nambucca Heads to Sydney today. ”

    It is a very cheap and fun way to travel around while meeting people on the way. Here are some sites:


    One of the cheapest ways to travel around Australia is by relocation deals. This means that a campervan company need to get their campervan back to its original city and are willing to rent it to you at a cost of between $1 and $5 dollars per day to drive it back for them. There is usually a time constraint of a limited amount of days.

    The deal usually includes a free tank of petrol or cash amount of up to $250 for petrol. Usually a company will charge you a small deposit e.g. $250 which is refundable when you pick up the van at first. There is also a larger deposit of up to $1000 that will be refunded to you when you reach your destination. To check out a few deals take a look at these sites:


    Australia’s extensive bus network is a relatively cheap way of traveling around the country. There are a variety of different types of tickets, ranging from hop-on hop-off passes, to direct point to point bus passes. Here are a few bus services to choose from:


    All of the major cities in Australia have airports.

    To find the cheapest flights within Australia, use a site called Skyscanner. It lists all airlines that fly a particular route, and displays the flight results from cheapest to dearest. Once you have found a flight, go directly to that airlines page and book the flight from their site, and you will save yourself the 10% fee that Skyscanner charge for booking through their site.

    Here are a list of the main airlines that fly within Australia:


    There are hundreds of places to rent cars from in Australia. To make sure you get the best deal check out a site called Vroom Vroom Vroom. It allows you to type in your pick up location, return location and duration. It then lists all of the available car rental companies and lists them from cheapest to dearest for you.

    To ensure you have the correct drivers license read this article on Victorian Drivers License – Australia.


    Traveling by train can be one of the more expensive ways of getting around Australia. Although within cities themselves train travel is cost effective and efficient. The map below shows the main interconnecting railway lines in Australia.
    Check out either of these sites for more details on traveling within Australia by train, timetables and fares:

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