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Travel Insurance -

Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance

    When things start to go wrong…

    Holidays were invented to help you relax and enjoy life. Sometimes they can have exactly the opposite effect when things start to go wrong! That’s why travel insurance was invented. It can save you from:

    • Delayed luggage
    • Flights being cancelled
    • Money stolen / lost
    • Sickness
    • Injury
    • Lost or stolen passport / documents
    • Stolen / crashed car
    • Stolen laptop

    Travel insurance makes sure you won’t be stranded physically or left penniless.

    International Travel Insurance

    When you are going on holidays outside of Australia your health insurance will not cover you if you get sick, which means you could face a huge bill. With international travel insurance it can reimburse you for any medical bills. It will also reimburse you for any clothes that you had to purchase while your luggage was delayed.

    Domestic Travel Insurance

    Domestic travel insurance will cover you if you go on holidays inside of Australia. When signing up for travel insurance check to see if it covers all of the above mentioned issues.

    Here are some sites that sell travel insurance. Be sure to shop around to get the best price before purchasing.

    Budget Direct
    Insure and Go
    Compare the Market

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